Mi Lan Xiang Oolong

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New offering! 6/09/2017

How is this tea? A roasty top note backed immediately by the most fantastic citrus and apple undertones complete with very good mouth feel, this tea is a pleasure to drink!  

A light 6-hr roast was chosen for this batch to preserve its integrity over time.  This tea will only get better the longer it sits in your tea treasure chest as the charcoal begins to fade and the fruity notes become more accentuated.  

An authentic Dan Cong Oolong from the Chao Shan area of Guang Zhou.  There are many types of Dan Cong but this one the most prominent one: a "Mi Lan Xiang", or Honey Orchid Aroma Dan Cong Oolong Tea.  We've been looking a long time for a good Dan Cong we felt our customers would appreciate and hope you enjoy this batch as much as we do.  

Spring 2016 crop. 

Brew in a gaiwan:  4-5gr in 150ml water @ 195°F/90°C, Start with 20 sec steeps.  Combine first few steeps.  


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Category: dan cong, dark oolong, oolong

Type: Oolong