Ancient-Tree Dian Hong Black Tea

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Let me say that again.... Wow!  

This tea has the most amazing chocolate notes we've ever come across.  

Here we have a stand out.  A direct sourced tea from an ancient tree collective in Feng Qing, the birth place of Dian Hong Black Tea.  Our source works with the head of this group, who was previously employed with the Feng Qing Dian Hong state-run company and has since formed an independent collective. Each farmer/tree owner owns only a few ancient trees, so it made sense to pool their resources. The ages of the trees vary, but the minimum for this tea is 300 years. 

Ancient trees are special for a lot of reasons.  First, there aren't that many of them.  Most of them were planted in antiquity by the Dai minority population of Yunnan.  As ancient trees, their roots go deep into the soil extracting more minerals and qualities of the soil. Plus, it's just impressive to drink the produce of a 300 year old healthy plant.  Where else can you do that?

Gaiwan this one like a regular black tea.  

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Category: ancient, Black tea

Type: Dark Tea