Alishan Stone Table Premium

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Winter Crop Now Available: 12/21/2016

"Stone Table" is an area that has some of the best tea gardens on Alishan Mountain, the best-known tea mountain in Taiwan.  At the highest elevations of Stone Table is a small plot surrounded by mature trees.  It's really a magical looking place and the kind of place you would expect to find pixies.  This tea takes you there and carries a bit of the mist, quietness and curiosity of that place. 

Nutty, creamy and good viscosity.  We like this Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong.  Interestingly, it's roasted by one of the only female master roasters in all of Taiwan.  This tea is lightly roasted. 

Vacuum packed at the source. 

Larger sizes will be packed in 2 oz. sizes unless specifically requested otherwise.  In other words, an 8 oz. order will come in 4 individually vacuum packed bags.  



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