Alishan Black Tea

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"This is the chocolatiest tea I've had in a long time."  

Often overlooked, the world of fully oxidized teas is full of variety and surprises.  Take for instance this outstanding Black tea.  The first surprise is that it's grown on Alishan.  The second surprise is that it visually reminds us much more of a good quality Wuyi Oolong than a Taiwanese black.  It seems Alishan is full of surprises these days.  This premium tea has strong Chocolaty and roasted notes, malty but maintains its balance.  

Sourced from the Zhang Shu Hu area of Alishan Mountain grown around the 1,400M mark, this is "GaoShan" Black Tea!    

One heaping teaspoon of Alishan Black, 8 oz. of boiling hot water, Steep for 4-5 minutes.


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Type: Dark Tea