40-year old Taiwanese Oolong, $10/10g

I don't know if there is magic in this tea or I'm just imagining things but every time I brew this tea I get nice and calm and relaxed.  Tea of this age is considered medicinal in traditional Chinese medicine but I make no claims.  I think it's probably anti-inflammatory to some degree, but again that's just my intuition based on how I feel.  

I found this tea and bought it immediately just by the smell.  It is hoarded by an elderly man up in off-the-trail rural Alishan and I never would have found him unless I was introduced by a farmer. 

Teas of this kind are exceptionally expensive to procure in Taiwan.  I have a very small amount right now, about 300 grams.  We're only selling it in 10g samples for you to have an experience with it. 

This tea is exceptionally clean with no storage smell in the leaf or soup, it's obviously been looked after properly.  I wouldn't say it's remarkably rich but just right.  A traditional Taiwanese wuyi cultivar tea aged 40 years.  

Try 5g a session with longer steeps and very hot water.  Allow to cool before drinking.  Very hot tea is bad.