2020 Jingmai Gushu, $34.99/2oz

This is guaranteed 100% pure Jingmai Mountain "Gushu" loose-leaf puerh.

Gushu means the tea plants are older (more than 100 years) and more established with a longer root system.  The mineral qualities from the soil are more present in older plant leaves.  A real tea connoisseur will often go strait for the Gushu and leave the younger plants for others.

I say 100% because when you see the word Gushu it's a tea insider known fact that it is often mixed with leaves from younger plants.  Not this one.  We get ours directly from the family farm on top of Jingmai Mountain in remote Yunnan province.

I'm offering this at a great price in my opinion.  Store it for the long term.

Grown organically without chemical pesticides but no certification.