2016 Banzhang Raw Puerh Orbs, $11.99/2oz

Price is for 8 tea orbs which is a bit more than 2 oz.  Each orb is around 8gr.

Whenever I find a hand-made "Dragon Ball" that's made of good material, I snap it up.  They've been very popular with our customers because they're just so convenient, they last a long time and they are really good to drink.  My personal favorite was the Bingdao we had last year... it was so good!  We started running low and I decided to keep the remaining stock for myself so I put the Sold Out sign up :).

This new offering is quite good.  Notes of honey and good body.  Although the wrapper says "Laobanzhang", it's certainly not but probably comes from the surrounding area.  The material is good and it's reasonably priced for our puerh tea nerds among whom I count myself.   

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Type: Raw Puerh