2012 Bulang Gushu Ripe Pu-erh Bubbles

Price is for 6 Bubbles, about 2.5 oz (70gr.)

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The high elevation and clean environment of Bulang Mt. help make it one of my favorite areas in Yunnan.   Here we have a tea bubble made exclusively from Bulang Mt. Gushu leaves.  Gushu means the plants are larger and older and better.  

This selection is individually curated after many turn-downs.  We like this one a lot.  Very clean, thick body, no "pile taste".  I love the deep, dark fruit in this tea.  Entirely hand picked and processed! Each bubble is about 8gr or .4oz.   This is a workhorse of a tea and you'll get steep after satisfying steep on this one.

We could only get a limited amount of this tea so get some now.  There isn't anymore available!

Note:  the gaiwan in the picture below is 300ml, or huge.  This tea needs some room to expand so brew it in a teapot or larger gaiwan.

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Category: pu-erh, ripe

Type: Pu-erh