2009 Ripe Puerh Brick, $23/250gr

Price is for 250gr "Cha Zhuan / Tea Brick"

Here is a nice drinker for sure.  It's made mostly from Menghai "Huang Pian" meaning the lower leaves on the tea plant and usually not the most desirable leaves.  However, this tea has some age on it and was processed well - there's no "wo dui / pile taste" or any off-taste anywhere. 

Nice and smooth with good body, this tea is solid and is at a great price point.  While it's not a good looking tea, this one will treat you right!  The label advertises "Jojobe fruit fragrance" but it's more in the traditional Chinese medicine sense.  I think you'll enjoy this one and it's very affordable.

This tea is "fermented" shou cha (熟茶)that has undergone a composting process. 


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Type: Ripe Puer