2009 Dayi: Blend #7542, Batch #902 (Taiwan Storage)

Price is for a full cake of 357gr.

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8 years of Taiwan storage makes this iconic cake ahead of its time.  Very smooth... top notes of honey, undertones of cedar.  Very clean and a pleasure to drink.  At this price, get it now as it's only going up per past performance.

Not bitter with just the right amount of astringency.  

Gongfu brew this cake in a dedicated teapot or use a gaiwan.  DRINK AT LOWER TEMPS to bring out the hidden secrets of this tea. 

Here is a review of the same tea with similar storage, but I don't get any of the bitter notes they are: 

I would definitely buy a 7-cake tong if I were interested in long-term drinking or investment

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Category: cnnp, Pu er, pu-erh, zhong cha

Type: Pu-erh