2005 Jing Feng Raw Pu-erh

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This guy was snatched up early and brought to Taiwan where it got smacked hard by Taiwan wet storage.  I was wondering if the humidity would ever subside a bit.  Fast forward a year and I think these guys are ready to start drinking.  

This tea is a thirst quencher with a nice, laid-back thick and even soup, topped with a shiny sheen.  The humidity subsides in the first few steeps leaving a tea reminiscent of the wheat teas of Northern China (Xiao mai cha) but much more satisfying. 

Brew this with shorter steeps to preserve the color and avoid astringency -- unless you like astringency ;)

Xishuangbana Menghai material was used by Kunming-based Jing Feng Tea Factory for this 2005 production.  


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Category: Aged puerh, raw

Type: Pu-erh