2003 Yiwu Mountain "Imperial Grade" Ripe Pu-erh

Price is for one full disk of about 340gr.

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Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co. is proud to offer many high-quality Taiwan-stored pu-erh teas and this is no exception!  Taiwan dry-stored since original purchase, this tea is simply a pleasure.  

"Ripe" Pu-erh is actually composted tea.  It's a process invented to produce a tea that mimics the best characteristics of authentic aged raw pu-erh.  It never quite achieves that aim but has won many fans on its own merits.  

The leaf heritage of this tea is Yiwu mountain, one of the most famous mountains of Yunnan province for Pu-erh tea.    

Very forgiving with nice notes of fresh wood shavings, this tea is very clean - no "wet pile" taste, just crisp, slightly sweet with nice oil and mouth feel.     


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