Aged Pu-erh: Red Stamp "Iron Cake"

Price is for a full cake, approx. 390gr.

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This cake is a CNNP/Zhong Cha Big Red Stamp Pu-erh Blend containing about 60% ripe and 40% raw material. It's densely compacted and harder than normal cakes.

Known in Chinese as "Tiebing", or Iron Cake, a little of this tea goes a long way and it can be steeped a billion times.  

Imported to Taiwan by the original owner* so it's had plenty of exposure to Taiwan's brutally hot and humid summers.  The humid character has gone all the way through this cake even though it's an "iron cake"!  If you don't like humidity, break it up and air it out in a temperate climate for a while or just pour off the first few steeps and you'll get a very nice drinking experience for many steeps after that!

This tea is smooth and satisfying as you would expect with nice body and color - a rare winner that will will give you drinking and story-telling pleasure for many years to come. 

You will be "hard-pressed" to find a tea of this quality stored for this many years in Taiwan natural storage.

This is a very popular cake and we can hardly keep it in stock.  The source is drying up so if this interests you I suggest you snatch one up.  It will last you a long time.

*(He dates these cakes at 1999)