1998 Show Girls Ripe Pu-erh - Limited Edition

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Price is for 100gr. (3.5oz) resealable stand-up pouch

This silky-smooth Shou* Pu-erh will have you coming back for more.  We love the dark, oily shimmer of this tea, the weighty mouth feel and the squeeky-clean finish.  

Clean Taiwan dry storage since original purchase.  This tea is broken up and ready for your teapot/gaiwan.  This tea is 20 years old!  

Not nearly as messy as the traditional bing, this tea has its advantages.

*Shou means ripe or "cooked" pu-erh.  It's one of two major pu-erh types.  It's pronounced like the English word "show".  Yes, that's a wordplay in the title ;)  Enjoy!


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Category: pu er, pu-erh, ripe, vintage

Type: Pu-erh