1998 Ripe Pu-erh Cake

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Price is for full cake, approx. 350gr. (+/-12oz.)

This silky-smooth Shou* Pu-erh will have you coming back for more.  We love the dark, oily shimmer of this tea, the weighty mouth feel and the squeeky-clean finish.  

Clean Taiwan dry storage since original purchase.  This tea is 20 years old!  

*Shou means ripe or "cooked" pu-erh.  It's one of two major pu-erh types.  It's pronounced like the English word "show".  Enjoy!

Comes wrapped in brown paper wrapper as part of our "Brown Bag" Series.

Tong Chang Huang Ji Yunnan Ripe Puerh.  The Neifei is stamped 1998.

NOTE:  Recently, I've had somebody express concern over this one.  Something like, "There's no way that's a 1998.  It must be fake."  I understand the concern but It's not fake as far as I'm able to determine.  It has every indication that it is not.  There are many factors determining the value of a tea and age is ONLY ONE of them - especially with Ripe puerh that doesn't age nearly as drastically as Raw Puerh.  Availability is another one.  Here's the scoop.  Most tea drinkers in Taiwan don't drink ripe pu-erh that much.  I got this on the cheap from one of my trusted sources whose been sitting on this in Taiwan because he had a lot of it.  I bought some but am liquidating it after I decided to make space for other, more suitable pu-erhs for our brand.  So, I've decided to let this one go at basically cost.  I only have so much storage space, ya know.  So, if you want a nice drinking shoucha with some good age on it, add this one to your cart.  It's well worth 20 bucks!   

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Category: Aged puerh, ripe

Type: Pu-erh