1992 Zhong Cha Raw Pu-erh - #8582 Recipe

Price is for a full cake: approx 350gr.

Debuted by the Menghai factory in 1985, the 8582 recipe is a well-known classic. This 1992 edition is marked with a purple "天“ character meaning it was meant for the HK market but this particular lot was bought by a merchant in Taiwan who stored it there in natural storage until now.  

Smooth, beautiful color and a pleasure to drink.  Slight humidity on the nose and in the wet leaf but not much and it will dissipate with time if that's not your thing.  

I've priced these as competitively as I can for tea lovers and learners so get as much as we are able to provide! 

These aged teas are like elderly, respected people.  They just have a lot to give.  Slow down. Listen, learn and just... respectfully absorb what's there.

note: 25-year old cakes with good storage don't last long.  There aren't any more being made from that long ago and people in the know are snatching them up all over the world.  

note2:  Although we've had pretty good luck with wrappers, we do not guarantee that wrappers will be in perfect condition.  They may have holes, tears, etc.. 

note3: Full cakes and tongs will be delivered on about a 3-week timeline.  I will email you and keep you updated.  If you buy 7 cakes I'll leave it in the tong for you to open if you want.  Just let me know at checkout.  You'll also get a 15% discount with checkout code "5cakes"


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Category: pu-erh, raw, zhong cha

Type: Pu-erh