Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

... for every 2 oz. bag you buy as a gift, we will include a FREE sample bag of it for YOU to enjoy. Buy six bags to give as gifts... get six samples! (one of each) PLUS an additional random sample like we always give.  All teas we sell in the 2 oz. size are eligible!  FREE shipping if you spend just $25 in the Lower 48!

Just use the Code "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" at Checkout to get 15% OFF.  We will include your free samples automatically.

All teas have been sourced personally from carefully selected farmers by the owner of BTTC, Paul Adamson.  Because of this, BTTC teas are some of the best teas availalble!

We Recommend the Following Teas...

Moonlight White - Autumn 2016

Misty Mountain Oolong - Spring 2016, BEST SELLER

Farmer Chang's Green Oolong - Spring 2016, BEST SELLER

Alishan "High Mountain Honey" Oolong - Spring 2016, NEW OFFERING

Charcoal Roasted Yushan Oolong - Spring 2016, NEW OFFERING

Asian Beauty Oolong - Summer 2016

Dabang Village Black Tea - Summer 2016, NEW OFFERING

Honey Black Tea - Summer 2016