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2016 Jingmai Loose-leaf Pu-erh, $12.99/2oz.

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This is a great deal on quality, family-direct Yunnan tea, grown in super clean conditions on Jingmai Mountain!  Originally sourced on our Kickstarter trip a few years ago to Yunnan, we are happy to offer you this tea.

Loose-leaf Pu-erh is also known as "Mao cha" and is simply tea that has not been pressed into cakes.  Mao cha ages a bit faster as you might imagine but is harder to transport in any bulk.  Maocha only improves with age and the Autumn 2016 is tasting great.  Let it age and watch it thicken up and take on spicy notes.  Go ahead and buy a pound and age it over the next several years drinking it every several months.  It's a lot of fun and very rewarding!

Lightly oxidized maocha like this is technically called pu-erh tea but can be considered a type of green tea or as a living tea called "sheng cha"

Packing: All orders will be packed in single bags according to the size.  For instance, if you order 2 oz., you will get a single 2 oz. bag, if you order 4 oz. you will get a single 4 oz. bag, etc... We can pack larger orders in smaller 2 oz. bags by special request but please let us know!