2010 Mengku Raw Pu-erh

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New Offering: 1/23/2017

Full Cake approx. 12.5 oz. (357gr.)

What's the idea behind our new "Brown Bag" Series?  Amazing Sheng and Shou Pu-erh bings for under $30!

This first addition, the 2010 Menku is a smooth drinker with just the right amount of astringency characterized by strong notes of leather, fresh tobacco and spice.  This tea is great for beginners because the flavors are not subtle at all ;)

Dry storage for the last six years in Taiwan has given it some maturity, but it still drinks like a young sheng and has a bit of a rebellious, youthful attitude.  Be careful, this tea is intense and delicious! Tea drunkenness can be expected at some point.  You need this tea in your life ;)

This tea is a product of the Yunnan Ming Yi Tea Factory made of sun-dried Meng Ku "old tree" material picked in a "one bud, two or three leaves" standard.  Hand-made in the traditional manner. 



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Type: Pu-erh