Oolong Tea

Jingmai Gushu Oolong Tea Balls!, $12.99/2oz.

Note: Price is for six orbs, approx. 2oz.   

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Each Tea Ball weighs about 6 or 7 gr., enough to last you all day no problem! 

This tea is hand-made in Jing Mai, the remote mountain in Yunnan near the border with Myanmar.  Magical ancient arbor tea trees grow in the wild and in tea gardens.  We visited last year.  It's amazing.

This tea is made exclusively from tea leaves that were harvested from old trees, some as old as 500 years! (A lot of so-called "Gushu" is mixed with leaves from younger trees... this one is not) and roasted in a high temperature pan to about 70% then hand rolled into 6-7gr orbs.  

This is the real deal!  Obtained directly from the farmer who decided to make Oolong this year from the summer tea instead of Pu er.  Think of this tea as a Sheng Pu er Black Tea! 

Don't let this small shape fool you.  There is a lot of tea in each one!  

Let it soak in boiling water for a few minutes and then steep like normal.  100% old arbor material from late Spring 2016.  Superb daily drinker for now or let them age - they will only get better with age. Drink GUSHU every day!



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