Mei Gui Black Tea, $13.99/2oz.

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This Black tea comes from a farmer we work with in Sanxia, Taiwan, the same farmer who makes our Taiwanese Dragonwell green tea.  This new Mei Gui is a well-made fully oxidized Black Tea blended with high quality rose petals.  

We don't normally carry "flavored" teas because usually they are made with low quality teas added with an overbearing cheap filler to mask that fact.  Not so with this one.  Yes, the rose is strong (or maybe I'm just not used to it, lol) so I pour out a first quick steep.  After that, it's smooth sailing and I have to say, a very nice tea.  I encourage you to try it even if you are a purist like me ;)  You're not giving anything up in quality.

This may also be a great gift for a new tea drinker who isn't prepared to delve into pure tea yet.



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Category: scented

Type: black tea