I admit it. I'm a complete tea nerd.

February 04, 2016

I admit it.  I'm a complete tea nerd.


I love the quality of high end dining ware.  I love stuff that's got some history to it.  I love tea. Currently, this is my tea set-up for personal use.  It's Chinese-style gongfu brewing but with Western antique teaware. (New idea!)

Yesterday I walked into an antique shop. I noticed a set of Noritake cups and saucers. Antique and nice. I make a mental note. I walk around more and there's a teapot in another booth. Also Noritake. Looks pre-wwII. Cool pot.

Then I start to think...

1. Use the "teapot" to store your boiling water (no actual tea in the teapot),

2. Add a random gaiwan lid to a teacup and making a new gaiwan (It works beautifully btw),

3.Add a decanter with filter and you've got the best of the East and West meeting successfully ;)

It works great and I find that teaware you enjoy really enhances the experience of the 

I got it all for less than $30. You could mix and match serving trays, pots, cups, etc... with cool finds from antique stores and garage sales. I can't wait to serve my next tea guest!

Here, I'm brewing our DIAN HONG Black Tea from Yunnan.  

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