Sri Lankan White Tea? Wut?

by Paul Adamson November 02, 2015

Hi guys, Beautiful Taiwan here. You may know that we specialize in "Face to Farmer" sourcing of the most outstanding Taiwanese teas, but did you know that we also support many avant garde farmers from other world-class tea regions as well? 

For instance, we've recently partnered up with a family farm in Sri Lanka who is pressing the envelop and taking Ceylon tea to new heights.  Ceylon in known for it's black tea.  It's industrialized and has been for many years but certain forward-looking farmers have been making changes there for the last few years.   Through individual creativity, innovation and world class terroir we can now bring you some very interesting contributions to world tea culture.  

... like a Sri Lankan White Tea.  You can check it out HERE.

As an outlet for these farmers we encourage them economically to grow, hand-pick and hand-process the best teas in the most environmentally friendly way.   These farmers are invested in their teas as their OWN work from their own small family farms.  

Paul Adamson
Paul Adamson


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