A True Farmers Market...

by Paul Adamson December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays everyone!  May you reconnect in a meaningful way with ALL the ones you love this Christmas season!

Thanks to you, 2014 has been the best year ever for Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co.  We've received many great reviews (and a couple bad ones from grumpy people ;)  

We've been continuing to expand our network of family farmers in Taiwan and all over the world.  We recently added our new 2014 Winter crop of High Mountain Oolong, two of which are from new farmers for us and we're VERY pleased.  

You may have noticed that many of our teas are "Sold Out" right now because we've been so busy over the holiday season.  As a true farmers market, several of our teas will be unavailable until our farmers grow more!  There is no giant warehouse ;)

We highly recommend that you purchase the spring teas -- especially Twisted Green immediately as they come off the farms. That's when they are freshest -- like fresh bread from the oven.  

Also, this year we're promoting the licensing of our "Face to Farmer" logo as there is no such label in the tea industry that says what we do.  



Paul Adamson
Paul Adamson


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